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IP Transit

Pricing & Availability

Bandwidth Pricing

Ubiquity.IO charges all clients a single rate based on their total aggregate usage for all ports as calculated using the 95th percentile method.

Commitment LevelPrice per Mb/s
5 Mb/s - 9 Mb/s$25.00 per Mb/s
10 Mb/s - 24 Mb/s$22.00 per Mb/s
25 Mb/s - 99 Mb/s$19.00 per Mb/s
100 Mb/s - 199 Mb/s$15.00 per Mb/s
200 Mb/s - 399 Mb/s$12.00 per Mb/s
400 Mb/s - 599 Mb/s$9.00 per Mb/s
600 Mb/s - 999 Mb/s$7.00 per Mb/s
1,000 Mb/s - 2,999 Mb/s$6.50 per Mb/s
3,000 Mb/s - 4,999 Mb/s$5.00 per Mb/s
5,000 Mb/s - 9,999 Mb/s$4.50 per Mb/s
10,000 Mb/s plus$4.00 per Mb/s

Port Fees

In addition to the per megabit costs described above, the following fees also apply to our IP Transit services:

Connection TypeSetup Fee
(One time)
Monthly Fee
Fast Ethernet via Copper$100.00$50.00
Fast Ethernet via Fiber*$250.00$75.00
Gigabit Ethernet via Copper$300.00$75.00
Gigabit Ethernet via Fiber*$500.00$125.00
10 Gigabit Ethernet via Fiber*$1,000.00$325.00

* - Price for standard short range optic. Additional charges may apply if other optic is required, based on customer specifications.

Other Charges

While these are all of the charges made by Ubiquity.IO, there may be additional charges involved with establishing the physical connection between our network and yours. If you are not familiar with the relevant interconnection process for a Service Location, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Most orders can be processed by our sales team and provisioned accordingly by our engineering team within one business day of the order being finalized. Once the order has been provisioned, the necesscary Letters of Authorization (LOA) and/or Certificates Facilitiating Agency (CFA) can be issued and the customer can order the appropriate connection to the Ubiquity.IO POP at the appropriate service location.